Discover the easy to use MLM software, using your own compensation plan,
replicated shopping-cart, invoice management, tree/hierarhical view and many more.


Do you need high quality, modern, secure and stable software for your MLM business? Do You sell your products or services using shopping-cart (with replicating option)? Do You need to calculate commission for your members using your own compensation plan (binary, matrix, unilevel, hybrid, stair step, board/matrix plan or any other) to calculate bonuses, to track members, invoices, to allow your members growth etc.?
Our software is designed to allow MLM business owner to manage their business from single place, from anywhere, using high professional and reliable software.
Using our software, you can be sure you have a full control over your business.


Our MLM software is designed to work on web, using web-browser, without any installation on client side. With other words, you (and your members) does not need any special software except one you already have – your Web browser(Firefox/Google Chrome/Safari/Edge/Opera). It can be used on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and all other devices and OS-es like iPad/IOS- Google/Android etc.


Prices are designed for one time payment (or installment payments) without any additional payments, like monthly or any other fees etc. That’s it – when you paid it, there is no more payments (except for hosting purposes, but first year hosting is 100% free. Other option is that you use your own hosting – in that case you don’t need to pay anything to us, ever). Software have not any restrictions, like number of members, products etc. There is no any limit. For more answers and general questions, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section or click here. For all other unanswered questions, please contact us by clicking here.


If you need to create replicated shopping-cart from your ERP software, or to insert new member from your web-page, or to create invoice from anywhere, no problem. We offer more then 30 API's "ready to go". If you need custom API's, just contact us.


We can create any compensation plan. Any. With any number of bonuses, conditions and/or features you need. We can also add or remove modules. Just tell us what you need and that's all.


After payment in full, you will receive web-server module (not open sourced) + 100% source code of shopping-cart scripts (PHP + HTML), packed into single ZIP file – for your backup purposes. Additional, you will also receive full FTP access to your shopping-cart source code. If you need any change or additional module, just tell us!



View summary of your business, like Total invoices amount, total per year, number of invoices and members. View last 10 orders and last signed members. On Sales module, view all created invoices sorted by date, easy confirm invoice as Completed (only confirmed invoices are counted on commission calculation). View line graph of signed members and issued invoices for current year, filter display to all shopping-carts or standard shopping-cart only or choose specified shopping-cart (assigned to specified member).

View most viewed and best-selling products, members with highest sales etc.

Send invoice by email, print invoice or export to PDF.


Add/Edit/Delete members, filter by member types (downlines, customers, potential members etc.) See member's details and send email with one click.

Select a member and view they invoices, volume amounts with statistics, e-wallet, calculated commissions and earnings.

Create invoice per member, change details, create replicated shop per mouse click or copy refferal link. Export members to Excel, quick search for member etc.

All features on single mouse click.


Create replicated (responsive) shopping-cart for every downline. Software can be hosted on our servers (free of charge for the first year) or your own. More than 20 payment types already integrated (PayPal, 2CheckOut, Moneybookers, CashDelivery …). Automatic sponsorship by member sign-up. Fully responsive Shopping-cart is integrated into MLM software back-office.

Manage Products, Categories, product options etc. Define different price per customer group, special prices, gift vouchers, different shipping and payment modules.

20 languages and currencies available for free!


See your network on visual way.

Easy locate a downline group (using search function), quick find downlines and/or customers etc. (Each have different Icon).

Unlimited user groups (Downline, Customer, Prospects, Custom name …) with different colors and option to assign different product price per group.

For each selected member on left side, you can see direct sponsored members, number of downlines etc.


You can create unlimited Document categories and upload your documents, like PDF, Images, Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point or any other kind of document, images, ZIP archive etc. On that way you can distribute your promo material, audio files, presentations, product descriptions, your business model and much more.

Documents can be viewed by all by default and using our "User access module", you can define who can upload documents, who can download or delete them etc.


We will include your compensation plan!

With other words, you will calculate commission using your own compensation plan, your bonuses, conditions etc. Commission can be calculated daily, weekly, monthly or using any period of time. After calculating, you have options to print Summary commission calculating report, or earnings for selected member, or earnings for all members etc.

Each report can be exported to PDF or RTF (Microsoft Word format). Commission can be automatically send to members using email.

Additional, software contains modules like Signup portal (referral signup site, where system signup new member based on referred ID), Tasks with Calendar view (every member can insert they own tasks), Sales statistics (Sales by Members, Sales by Product and many other reports in the shopping-cart view).

If you need some custom module or feature, just contact us. We can help, for sure.

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